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social blogging.

Like blogging, but easier. Like social, but sincere. Build your Trove in seconds. Cultivate your Collections over a lifetime.

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An authentic and exclusive social blogging platform for the curious mind to tell direct, simple, and ever-expanding stories.

Honest Creation

Curate and create recipes, trip itineraries, music and movie listicles, journaling, and more to share with your friends, family, and beyond.

Social Redefined

No ads. No comments. No judgment. Let the content shine on its own. Content without comment.

Trove collections dashboard
Trove collections dashboard
Trove collections dashboard
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Every format you need to express yourself

We believe that technology can help us live happier and more fulfilled lives—but a radical shift is long overdue. 

Today, we spend more waking hours on our screens than in the real physical world.

The promise of connectivity has become the reality of isolation. 

To connect, people compete with each other for ever-shrinking pieces of distracted attention. In fact, many companies specialize in that very thing: Distracting us on screens. Using advanced algorithms, they aim to keep us mindlessly watching, liking, scrolling...

But amidst this chaos and noise, what if there was a way to create a virtuous circle of doing, sharing, and learning on your journey through life?

Trove is on a mission to make social media more human and blogging more accessible - it is a social blogging platform for people who value curiosity, learning, and sharing. You can cut through the noise, curate your knowledge and passions, and learn from the sources you trust. From favorite book recommendations to life-changing ravioli recipes, you’ll find all of the things you love, without the distractions.

Trove is for the content worth treasuring.

Trove is for the things that make you, you.

No ads. No comments. No judgment.
Trove is for the things that matter most.
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